Friday, 28 August 2015

AT the shop

Maximus thinks he is a superhero. On cold windy days he goes to the mall and search for bad people. He went to the fenchurch shops hoping to find a bad guy.
In the shop there was a man his name was thief master he stole phones when they are not looking.Maximus a thief looking through people's bags.Maximus quickly’ ran into the shop to stop the thief but it was too late, the thief already ran away.It was the next morning at 8.35 and Maximus went back to the shop. The thief was going to the shop too.
Maximus and the thief got to the shop the same time.
Maximus saw the thief running into the shop.

“Stop, I’ve called the police!” yelled Maximus, as he ran after the thief.
The thief said”you can’t catch me!!!”.
Then Maximus said “yes I can,” so Maximus chased him.
When Maximus caught him the police arrived, just on time.The thief got arrested. He had to give back the thing   that he stole. Maximus was so proud of himself for doingthe right thing. Image result for Superhero cartoon


Monday, 24 August 2015

A Cuboid I made

On Monday 24 August 2015 Mrs Raj taught us how to measure and make a net  to create a 3 dimensional
shape. I made a cuboid . My  cuboid has 6 faces, 12 edges and 8 vertices. I made this beautiful rectangular box. 

Boxes are made to hold or store things, boxes are used for packaging.

I will use my cuboid to hold my money. 


Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Character Description

Tom has light green eyes like the grass.
He has a bottom lip that sticks out when he frowns.
His hair is so long. It chases behind him when he runs.
He is so cool and medium height,  he is as tall a great dane dog.       
He is so friendly because he likes to share
money with old people because he cares for them.

Friday, 14 August 2015

look after our elders

WALT: find the morale of the story
SC: find the hidden purpose of a story.

The Pig’s Trough a German Folk Story retold by the brothers Grimm, retold by Jack Lasenby SJ P1 N2 1992

The son and son’s wife were kind to the old man
because the sons wife did not like the old man.

The old man was very healthy
The old man was not healthy, he had problems like, he could not see properly or eat his food without spiliing

The parents were good role models for their son
because they didn't look after the old man

It is important to care for our elders.
because when they get old we need to look farther them

VOCABULARY - describe in your own words what these words mean:

  1. trough it means where pigs came and eat
  2. complained that means  when people argue at someone

Thursday, 13 August 2015

looking after our teeth

First we learned to eat healthy food like vegetables and fruit. we should avoid sugar like chips,chocolate,juice.

Next we had to learn to floss and brush our teeth gently around our teeth.      

Monday, 10 August 2015

Henry the explorer


The searchers could not find Henry. Henry was lost in the cave , he had to be so quiet or the bears will wake up and do something to Henry. Henry was so cold and hungry. Henry was in the cave all night he had no food , no water no shelter. Henry had nothing to eat or drink so he stayed in the cave until the morning and then he woke up.

It was the next morning he was so hungry and thirsty he hadn’t eaten for days. Once Henry found a bear and then killed it and he made a fire and cooked the bear. But the meat inside the bear was so yuck! When he was thirsty he drank the bear's blood. It was so disgusting  when Henry first touched it.

So that’s how hungry and thirsty he was and now he is not thirsty or hungry.  He lived in the cave forever and then he found his way to home. by pelenise and salesi

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Visit to the Glen Innes Library

On Wednesday the 5th of August Room 7 went to Glen Innes Library.
first we learned how to use a patu.   it was used to hit them if they don't listen.
Next we got to use the patu it was made out of stone it was so heavy when I first held it.
Then there was a king and a prince they went fishing they got a fish (ika) ,kina, and tuna (eel).