Friday, 19 June 2015

My Birthday

On may the 26 2015                                                                                                                                   It was my birthday we went to a restaurant called Denny’s to have dinner.
I had a burger. It had lettuce in it and cheese and patties.
I went to the restaurant with my family their names are Ema, Sam, Salesi, James.
Then i went to play game in the game room. I played game like GTA5. The best part of all is when I got my birthday present from my Dad.        

When I saw my dad with my birthday present I had a big smile.     
the present  was a little racing car that had a remote.
I got to drive the cool car.  the car was lit blue.
It was so cool because I get to  to drive the car with a  remote and it had cool wheels.
At last I got my cake. It was a banana cake.
On top it had chocolate. The cake.
I felt so happy when I heard that we are going to have a family dinner together.
That was the best birthday I ever have.   

Monday, 15 June 2015

Balloon Game

            Balloon Games Recount

It was a cold Monday morning in Glen Innes. Mrs Raj is always our teacher on Mondays and today for fitness, she said that we were going to play a balloon game. She gave all of us the instructions then she told us to line up to go to the court. We jumped into a circle and joined hands.

Mrs Raj threw the balloon up into the  middle of the circle. We hit the balloon by kicking the balloon with our legs and our hands. The balloon had to stay in the air it wasn't allowed to touch the ground and if it touched the ground we had to start again.

It was the girls turn to play next, the girls got into a circle they had to hold hands.The boys’ had to run around the court two times.

When the girls hit the balloon so hard it went up high into the air and came back down slowly to the grass. When it touched the grass the balloon went POP!

I felt quite tired after the game and from running around the courts twice. I was puffed out after running around once but still chose to do two laps.

I loved the game.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Me too

WALT:  Use information in the text to explain understanding
SC: Disagree or agree with statements and use information from the text to support your ideas.

Me Too by Beverly Wood.  SJ P1 N4 2008. page.2

Photo Challenge

For the photograph challenge we took a lot a photos but the most hard FOR the camera boy was when he had to take a photo when they were in the air.But it was a fun activity to do and we enjoyed it 

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Animals at war

WALT: Summarise author's main purpose
SC: Show animals as other war heroes

Actions speak louder then words

Actions speak louder than words

Its mean to say you will be kind to someone, then be mean. and it mean if you someone I’m going to be  kind to you then you be kind. When I look after my netbook, I make sure to charge it and never leave it on the ground or on the edge of the table. This shows that my actions are respectful towards property.