Friday, 31 July 2015


WALT: Identify poetic language features
SC: Identify and use poetic language features.

Mascots by Jenny Bornholdt SJ L2 June 2014

AGREE /DISAGREE Decide why you agree or disagree with these statements and explain why using information from what you read. Answer in full sentences

A dog fought fires for the Whanganui fire brigade.
fight the fires-he just he enjoyed the ride

A mascot can only support a team or army.
because dogs can support a team and sport

VOCABULARY - describe in your own words what these words mean (read the text to help you):

  1. swapped like you're swapping a pen.
  2. rousingly When they try to wake you up.

This poem does not use rhyme. What language features does it have? See Language Features
Using the same language features write a short poem about a pet or animal you know to describe how it likes to play.

Thursday, 30 July 2015



Happy is yellow like a bright sun.
It taste like  hot chips with friends in the park.
It smells like fresh air blowing at me. It looks like Happiest has been free to the open world.
It sounds like people playing and having fun.
It feels like happy is the answer.

By Salesi and Loto

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Holiday poem

Holiday  yellow because of the warm sun in the sky.
Taste like warm chocolate milk
Smelled like sweaty socks from bowling
Looks like old and stek
It  sounds like I,m at the zoo

Friday, 3 July 2015

Science week

Science week term 2

On Monday we had Mrs Raj for science.
We learned about solids,gases, and liquids.
On Tuesday we made two different breads one was smooth  and the other bread had lots of air holes in it. The air holes were from the carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide came from the yeast that we put into the dough.

I learned that you can make different stuff with different ingredients.