Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Salesi_Writing with figurative language

WALT: Write with figurative  language
SC: Use adjectives and similes to describe a flavour

  • Introduction what, why
  • Describe (use adjectives)
  • Compare/contrast (use a simile to compare the taste to being like something else)
  • Expand (what flavours might you like to try? If you could create a flavour what would it be and why… give as much detail as possible)
  • Get a friend to buddy read
  • Get your teacher to check
  • Get a photo
  • Share to Blog

On Thursday the 3rd December  2015 we got  to try some fantastic chocolate from Mrs Parker because she shared her baking to the Whittaker's company, and they sent her some chocolate to share with us. When we got to try the chocolate, it tasted sweet,crunchy and sticky.When we eat the chocolate it felt delicious and crunchy. If I can create my own chocolate it will be fizzy mango popping candy, inside the white chocolate.


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