Thursday, 24 March 2016

Salesi Week 8 1 - 2016 RTermeading Activities for Reporters

Week 7 Term 1 -  2016     Connected Level 3 - You Can Count on It by Ian Stevens
WALT: We are learning to predict what the text is about by reading the title of the text.
SUCCESS CRITERIA: I am able to confirm my prediction by reading the text.
Read the text and then do the following Activities.

Response Activity

Activity 1 - Predict
  1. Read the title of the article and then predict what the article is about. Create a table and write your prediction down.

My Prediction( You may begin like this: I guess that this article is about……...
I predict this article is about a girl
and her mum.
Mum works as a meteorologist.
It takes place at the girl’s school,
in the classroom.
Mum’s in class to see what her                               daughter has been learning.  
The daughter is learning about
Solving a maths problem.because
there are numbers written on a
piece of paper.MN

Activity  2. Read the text with your group and identify the key ideas in the text to help you clarify your predictions.
Key ideas
  • Mum was a meteorologist
  • Mum and daughter
  • Mum talked to the class about her job
  • How to predict the weather
  • How to sort and display data
Activity 3 - Clarify. Make a list of any tricky or new words, phrases or ideas.Clarify the meaning of all these  tricky words, phrases and ideas.   
Meteorologist:A weather scientist Predict:Say what might happen before it happens
Activity 4 - Questioning and Discussion - What did you learn from this text? What else are you wondering about?
I wonder how to become a weather
Activity 5 - Share your findings on the text by creating a summary of what you have found out.
A meteorologist is a person that can predict weather patterns using
Activity 6 - Share your work on your individual blog.


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