Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Gratiude and refections

  1. Complete the graphic organiser: You’ll need 3 things that you are grateful for this year, and one thing that you still want to achieve by the end of the year.
  2. Use the ideas you have put on the graphic organiser to write your reflection. You will need 6 paragraphs:
    1. Introduction - quickly list your details that you are grateful for.
    2. Detail 1 - with evidence
    3. Detail 2 - with evidence
    4. Detail 3 - with evidence
    5. Detail 4 - with evidence
    6. Conclusion - briefly list your details and state that you are grateful for these achievements.
  3. Switch your doc to ‘suggesting’ mode and get a buddy to read and edit.
  4. Re-read yourself and check that it makes sense.
  5. Share to blog
This year I am grateful that I played rugby league for glenbrae school, I also got blogger of the month, and I am grateful for milk at school. I also want to achieve more in Rainbow Reading.

In Rugby League we played at Point England School. We only
scored two tries in rugby league.

IN August I got blogger of the month. I got blogger of the month, because I made a movenote about the book I was reading
I achieve move levels in writing,reading. Am grateful that I help mum at home. I also want to achieve the next level in Rainbow reading.

I am also grateful for milk in schools. Milk is so important
because It is healthy and it is good for our muscles,teeth,calcium,protein and bones.    


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